2014 Community-wide Strategic Plan

In 2014, the Network received a Convening for Colorado grant from The Colorado Trust to pull together multiple stakeholders to discuss mental health and maternal infant child health.  In total, 75 community members and partners participated in this 6 month planning process over the course of 11 total meetings.  Our goal was to identify strategies as part of a strategic plan, as well as champions and an action plan and timeline for each strategy.  

Grand County's Community-wide Strategic Plan is:

Maternal Infant Child Health

Goal: High-quality services will be available and utilized efficiently for parents and children to ensure the healthy development of children in Grand County.  


  1. Implement Nurse Family Partnership
  2. All parents or guardians get a home visit

Mental Health

Goal:  Grand County will create additional high-quality mental health services including prevention, screening and treatment programs for all ages and residents.  


  1. Implement a general mental health awareness class or presentation for staff, volunteers, and general public working with at-risk populations
  2. Complete a detailed gap analysis and data assessment on MH service capacity and need; use the report to make recommendations on training and staffing levels county-wide
  3. Improve the crisis response system
  4. Develop a flow chart that everyone in the county understands and uses for referrals (e.g. a referral road map)
  5. Implement a mental health navigator program

Health Information and Awareness

Goal:  Information about maternal infant child health and mental health services is easily accessible to all residents and providers using multiple touch points, locations and strategies.


  1. Implement a single source of information, such as a website
  2. Develop an information and education campaign to promote services and information on MH and MICH that is on-going and multi-pronged

Please review the MH and MICH Community-wide Strategic Plan Executive Summary for detailed information.  We invite community participation and would love your questions or requests for more information.  Please contact Jen Fanning or call 970-725-3477.

Executive Offices
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