What is a Medical Home?

A medical home is a regular healthcare provider whom you trust and go to for all your healthcare needs.

A medical home is usually a primary care provider. But a medical home could be a chiropractor, nutritionist, massage therapist, etc. For your healthcare provider in Grand County we do not care who you see, just that you see someone you trust.

Your Grand County healthcare providers have committed to providing everyone in the county a medical home. There is substantial data that shows having a personal physician is an important part of being healthy. Other data shows that a person's health literacy, or ability to understand health instructions, read prescriptions, talk to their provider, etc., is the single biggest indicator of health. A medical home can provide all these things. But most importantly, a medical home understands that you are your and your family's biggest advocate and works with you as a partner in your own care.

Healthcare Professionals Society

GCRHN is the administrative arm of the Grand County Healthcare Professionals Society—an all-inclusive society of healthcare professionals from all sectors who collaborate to "put the patients first."

Monthly society meetings allow 20-30 practitioners to network for a more seamless referral process and share expertise to enhance the skill set of all practitioners. 

For more information on Society meetings, please contact Jen at 970-725-3477 or jfanning@co.grand.co.us.

Healthy Grand County 2020

Your Grand County healthcare providers created the Healthy Grand County 2020 Plan to improve health in Grand County by the year 2020. We believe that any improvements in care need to be driven by a conscious effort and a well thought-out plan. We worked with all healthcare providers and community partners to create this plan.

The mission of this plan is to:  advance the healthcare of the people in Grand County, Colorado.

  1. Our plan will provide everyone with a medical home.
  2. We must develop medical neighborhoods. A medical neighborhood assures access to all services the patient needs when they need it. In a medical neighborhood, all of your providers communicate with each other, but especially your primary care provider / medical home, to provide the best and most efficient care for you.
  3. We must educate the community on each topic area in the plan. Education and health literacy are key components in the medical home concept.
2020 Plan—Documents

The Society also created a Healthy Grand County 2020 Plan, led by healthcare providers in collaboration with community partners, to create a healthier community in 10 years. This plan has 18 topic areas ranging from health integration technology to violence and injury where we can work strategically over the next 10 years to accomplish measurable goals based on community needs, readiness, and winnability. 

Healthy Grand County 2020 Plan documents

 Title Size (kB)
 Executive Summary 82
 Introduction 172
 Healthy Grand County 2020 Plan—
 full text

Executive Offices
The Network is co-located with two other nonprofits / departments!

416 Byers Ave, P.O. Box 95, Hot Sulphur Springs, CO 80451
Office:  970-725-3477;  Fax:  970-725-3478